Client Axis is the perfect way to keep track of all of my clients and their projects

For the Designer


Customize the look and feel with a single CSS style sheet & two template files

Client Management

Add all of your Clients to Client Axis to keep track of each

Unlimited Users

Add unlimited Users for each Client to allow multiple people to log in and view content

Unlimited Projects

Add unlimited Projects for each of your Clients

Secure Access

Set access privileges for each Project, only allowing Admin Users you specify

Task Management

Add individual Tasks to each Project, including milestones and progress of each

Unlimited Admin Users

Create Admin Users to access Project controls for Independant Contractors or other Employees

Set Custom Privileges

Set Privileges for Admin and Client Users to specify what they can and cannot access

Client To Do Lists

Create To Do Lists for Clients to ensure they know what is needed from them

Internal Notes

Add internal Notes for Clients or Projects to recall important information

Help / FAQ Section

Integrated Help / FAQ section to input commonly asked questions


Post Messages to the Clients and allow them to reply, avoiding messy email coorespondance

File Management

Upload Files for the Client to access, including graphics, contracts, or other necessary documents

Feature Visibility

Ability to turn ON or OFF each section of Client Axis that you wish to utilize

Separate Language Files

Ability to modify all text or translate into your language of choice

Add-On Modules

Additional feature Modules available with many more to come!

For the Client


View the progress of current projects

To Do Items

View to do items that need to be completed


Read and reply to messages sent beween the designer and the client


Access important links relevant to the client

File Management

Download important files provided by the designer

File Transfers

Upload files that the designer requires


Access frequently asked questions

Dedicated Contact

Contact the designer using an online form